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Media from Toccoa Assembly of God Church

Messages and Teachings by Pastor Cowan

Run to the Presence of God.  An impromptu message.  As God calls us into relationship with Him, He may have to do some things in us that are very uncomfortable.


Sing Before the Victory.  You know God is up to something, but right now you feel trapped between the murderous enemy and the impassable Red Sea.  Now is the time to sing.



An Expectant Heart.  God wants us to be expecting good things.



Encourage One Another.  Encourage one another in these last days.



We Believe in Love.  When we believe in God's love, we are changed.



God so loved.  The expression of God's love that we must live out.



From a series titled "God Wants to Bless You" based on the Sermon on the Mount.

Blessed Are Those Who Love George.   Some people we would rather love from a distance, but is that really love?  The love that Jesus speaks of goes much deeper--deeper and much more than I can possible go.  God's love flowing through me is the only way, and this is the way to the blessing of the beatitudes.


Do It With Boldness.  


You Gave, Your Heart Followed, You Are Blessed.  What happens as we give.


Kick the Devil in the Teeth.   Believing that as we do things for God we are defeating the enemy's plan and opening our lives to God's plan.


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